Winter Newsletter 2013

December 11, 2013

Winter Newsletter 2013

December 11, 2013



Dear friends,

2013 has been a great year for Shanti Bhavan, and it would not have been possible without your support.

With the holidays just around the corner we would love to share with you, through stories, pictures and video, what our children have been doing over these last few months.

We hope you enjoy, and thank you for being part of their success!

End of Semester Excitement

Manju Kumar of 12th grade shares with us some of the happenings at Shanti Bhavan over the last few weeks just before the school closes for the holidays:

 “Shanti Bhavan was invited to perform at Rainbow Drive, a suburban neighborhood with many of the school’s supporters. Amongst the different dances and songs, the kindergarten dance was the best. The cute five year olds danced to “Papa can’t dance Sala,” a popular Bollywood song.

 The boys were young Romeos and the girls beautiful Juliets. The party ended with a nice little bake sale of pastries and snacks.

 The final exam week brought out the best in each one of us. We were eager to go to preparation study period early enough to have a head start. Books were our closest companions, and we were anxious. Volunteers cooked breakfast for us to wish good luck in our exams. They made banana pancakes with chocolate syrup. At the end of the exams, they sponsored a pizza night for us. 

This week ended with another major event. Shanti Bhavan children were invited to perform for the German Christmas Party in Bangalore where many German company employees working in India come together. The school’s best dancers and singers performed for the occasion. The choir learned two German Christmas carols for the event. Everyone was joyful and the show was a great success.

Exam week is over and all of us are excited to go home. Before leaving, we will celebrate Christmas at Shanti Bhavan. We are looking forward to it.”

The Little Kids Learn Their Alphabet

Our youngest two batches of kids are working hard and one of our administrators, Anxhelina Pre, gives us a little news on their progress:

“The Pre-K children are learning their alphabet. So far they have learned up to the Letter ‘U’. Each of them is a little bundle of joy and they have in a short time found a home at Shanti Bhavan. They study hard during the mornings, but also have plenty of time to play and take naps.

The Kindergarten children are so excited to perform different songs on Friday Assembly. They shine with their beautiful big smiles and are so proud of their singing. It is one of our favorite moments of the day.”


A Basketball Game for the Ages

The children love basketball and enjoy good, friendly competition.

So every semester they challenge the volunteers to a match. It is an event the entire school looks forward to.

Majula and Gayathri of the 12th grade write together about the last big game:

“The weather was gloomy and the sun was hidden by grey clouds. However, the excitement of the audience watching the game, enthusiastically, lit the basketball court with brightness. The volunteers, all dressed up in orange shirts, were ready to fight against the players of the Shanti Bhavan team and win the game. 

The referee blew the whistle and we were ready to go all out. The crowd cheered, “Go, Go SB!” as the anxious audience watched the players. The game was as competitive as one could imagine.

“Pass it to him!” screamed fans of the SB team. The court was filled with instructions thrown at the players, as everyone got into the spirit of the match. Players who were bad shooters surprisingly made great baskets. Until the very end, neither side seemed to get the advantage, and everyone was holding their breath.

There were just a few minutes left and the score was a draw. As the seconds ticked by, the audience was cheering their teams loudly. Shouts could be heard passing between the players on the court and their captains. The golden basket — the last basket — was shot by the Shanti Bhavan team. Just as the ball went through the hoop, the entire audience stood up and screamed with excitement.  

The volunteers accepted defeat in good spirit and both teams congratulated each other. There were broad smiles on everyone’s face.” 

Click here to watch the video of the winning basket!


Shanti Bhavan Goes to Cisco

We strive to give our children the chance to see and explore new opportunities and dream of a world without borders. Recently, the 11th and 12th grade students, as well as some of our college graduates, visited CISCO – a worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate – for a day-long field trip.

Here is what Sowamani of 11th grade wrote about the experience:

“We had our first glimpse of the large buildings as our van moved into the tech park. Delighted whispers filled the van. We were very excited and nervous at the same time. 

After the security check we entered the main building of CISCO. Different flags of many countries brightened walls. Everything we saw were new as some of the buildings had just recently been built. We were introduced to the company’s objectives and goals. We learnt that the world is still not sufficiently connected. We also learned about routers, switches, modems, etc.

We got to see the technology room and many amazing new innovations like tele-medicine and tele-shopping. One of the sessions that we attended was about how CISCO recruits staff and about the qualities we should have to be selected.

The last session was a tele-presence. We spoke to a CISCO staff member in London. It was all amazing because it felt like he was sitting just opposite of us. We learnt a lot about the amazing technology of CISCO.  It was a really memorable trip.”



Shanti Bhavan is the only school in the world that commits to 17 years of complete care for each of its students.


From the age of 4, until they finish their college degrees, we provide for our children so that they can permanently break the cycle of poverty and go on to fulfill their dreams.

This holiday season, give the gift of love and hope and invest in their futures. It is a gift that will last a lifetime. So if you’ve already donated, thank you, we appreciate your generosity. And if you’ve been meaning to make a contribution, you still have time.

With fond regards and holiday wishes,

The Shanti Bhavan Team

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