Add Daughters of Destiny To Your Watchlist

I have exciting news to share! Five students of Shanti Bhavan will be featured in the upcoming Netflix Original documentary series, Daughters of Destiny, directed by Oscar-award winner Vanessa Roth with music by acclaimed artist A. R. Rahman. The series captures the stories of these young women and the incredible change Shanti Bhavan has made in their lives.

Daughters of Destiny premieres on Friday, July 28th, but you can catch a sneak peek by watching the trailer now, then add it to your Netflix Watchlist.

This is a huge honor and a wonderful opportunity to spotlight Shanti Bhavan’s 20 years of work and the lives we have impacted.

Please take a moment to share the trailer with family and friends – help us to spread the word about Daughters of Destiny and celebrate its premiere.

Thank you for believing in us and making all of this possible. We have exciting days ahead of us and I can’t wait to share with you the next chapter in Shanti Bhavan’s journey!

With gratitude,

Ajit George
Director of Operations
Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project