Suzanne Cale Young

Manager of Strategic Partnerships

I spent over thirty years in the nonprofit arena serving children-related organizations in fundraising, media relations, advertising, corporate development, and marketing. So much of my personal and professional life has been focused on children’s health, education, and well-being, including adopting my children from countries in Asia. I’ve witnessed profound poverty and hopelessness, so working each day to mitigate those circumstances and improve the quality of life for people around the world brings great meaning to my life.

That’s why it’s my privilege now to speak to and meet every day with Shanti Bhavan supporters, volunteers, and donors worldwide, updating them on Shanti Bhavan’s progress and activities and facilitating a meaningful connection to our mission. Every year I’ve spent with Shanti Bhavan has been more satisfying than the last. Shanti Bhavan supporters are the best!

I’ve lived in a variety of places, up and down the East Coast of the US, from New England to Florida, as well as overseas in London and Ankara, Turkey, but I’ve spent the most amount of time in the Washington DC area, where I live now.