Giving Tuesday 2021

We are ten days away from our largest online fundraiser of the year—Giving Tuesday 2021!

2021 was a challenging year as we weathered the second COVID wave in India, staffing shortages, and increased expenses due to keeping our campus operational year-round. However, thanks to you, we were also able to achieve tremendous milestones such as historic acceptances for our graduates to tier 1 US colleges and updating classroom technology!

With the funds raised from this year’s Giving Tuesday  campaign, we hope to hire more faculty, expand the international college program, and improve the buildings that are 24 years old.

Additionally, if Shanti Bhavan raises $150,000 by November 30th, we’ll receive $150,000 in matching gifts, thanks to the generosity of five anonymous donors from our community.

In 2022, Shanti Bhavan will celebrate 25 years of uplifting children from impoverished backgrounds. With your help, we can make the year a success.

To learn more, please visit And follow our exciting countdown and latest Giving Tuesday 2021 updates on social media!