Shanti Bhavan Student Alliance (SBSA)

SBSA Activities

Raising Awareness

Using campaigns, chats, and outreach, our alliance spreads the word about Shanti Bhavan’s mission. Our members team up in schools and colleges, hosting events that highlight the power of quality education for underprivileged kids. Each conversation builds a bridge, linking supporters to Shanti Bhavan’s vision of a brighter future.

Fundraising for Shanti Bhavan

Fundraising is the lifeline that allows Shanti Bhavan to continue its ground-breaking work in education. SBSA plays an instrumental role in this aspect, organizing charity runs, bake sales, and online campaigns. Funds raised go straight into educational resources, scholarships, and daily operations at Shanti Bhavan.

Benefits of Participating in SBSA

Leadership and Empowerment

Harness potential, take charge, and inspire change through hands-on community initiatives.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with peers, share ideas, and collaborate on inter-school projects and events.

Receive Credit for Volunteer Hours

Accumulate recognized volunteer credits, enhancing academic and extracurricular portfolios.

Priority Consideration for Volunteering at Main Campus

Those 18+ interested in volunteering on our main campus will receive priority consideration when applying.

Inspired Voices

“Being a part of Shanti Bhavan has shaped my understanding of global issues, such as poverty and unequal access to education and opportunities. As a part of an SB fundraising club outside of India, I felt determined to raise awareness of these issues and help in any way I could to make a difference in the lives of the Shanti Bhavan children.”

– Tanvi, SBSA member


Want to Start Your Own Club?

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age Requirement: Applicants must be at least 14 years old at the time of applying.
  • Commitment: Willing to commit a minimum of 5 hours per month for SBSA activities and meetings.
  • Training: Must be willing to attend an orientation and training session upon acceptance.
  • Members: Secure a minimum of three officers for outreach, finances, and marketing, plus an advisor aged 21+.

Application Process

  • Initial Contact: Email us expressing your interest in joining the club.
  • Introduction: Our Leadership Fellow will coordinate a call to discuss the club’s mission, activities, and your potential role.
  • Contract Review: Sign the SBSA agreement, then attend an interview with the Leadership Fellow to review your application’s details.
  • Approval: After review, receive official approval and join the SBSA community.

Ready to Get Started?

If you would like to learn more about SBSA and starting your own club, please reach out to Priyanka, Leadership Fellow at Shanti Bhavan, at [email protected].


The SBSA aims to raise awareness and funds for Shanti Bhavan, while also empowering students with leadership and service skills through community-based initiatives.

The club meetings’ frequency is decided based on the members’ availability and ongoing projects. Typically, meetings occur once a month, but this can vary.

SBSA organizes a range of events, including awareness campaigns, fundraisers, community service projects, and interactive discussions aligned with Shanti Bhavan’s mission.

Once you’ve contacted Shanti Bhavan and had the scheduled call, the review process typically takes up to two weeks, but this may vary depending on the volume of applications.

Hi! My name is Priyanka and I’m your Leadership Fellow! I recently graduated from Cornell University with a focus on neurobiology and health equity and am planning to attend medical school. I work to lead all high school and college SBSA clubs globally. If you would like to learn more about starting a club, please reach out to me at [email protected]!