About Us

Our Philosophy is Simple

One underserved child, given the same opportunities as other children, can break the cycle of systemic, generational poverty for themselves and many others. For over 25 years, our nonprofit has helped children in India achieve an education, from preschool to high school and beyond. With our dedicated international team and the support of our family of partners, sponsors, and individual donors, hundreds of Shanti Bhavan children have earned advanced degrees, built careers, and uplifted their families from poverty. More than that, these children give hope to their communities and bring change to the world.

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Our History is Achievement

In 1997, Shanti Bhavan Residential School opened its doors in Baliganapalli, India, welcoming its first 48 preschoolers. In the 25 years since, hundreds of children have graduated from Shanti Bhavan, earned college degrees, and gone on to prominent careers in finance, technology, medicine, entrepreneurship, and more.

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High school retention rate


Graduate from college


Employed in full-time jobs

Our Mission is Dignity

Shanti Bhavan’s children all come from extreme poverty. At our school, they find a safe and welcoming place, one that encourages self-exploration and personal growth alongside traditional education. With the support of our educators and volunteers, our students face the future with confidence and dignity.

  • Food
  • Housing
  • Clothing
  • Community
  • Medical Care
  • Academics
  • Leadership
  • Values

Our Educational Model is Unprecedented

Shanti Bhavan children live in two worlds: the impoverished villages and neighborhoods of their birth, and the beautiful Shanti Bhavan campus where they go to school. Even at young ages, they take what they learn home and share with others. As graduates, they support their families, ensure that their siblings go to school, and advocate for the less fortunate. The Shanti Bhavan approach creates leaders and change-makers for India’s most marginalized communities.

Our Approach is Holistic

Shanti Bhavan takes many different approaches to give our children the best possible experience and equip them for a bright future. In addition to a high-quality education that meets the robust India School Certificate (ISC) standards, we help our children explore their potential with social engagement, after-school activities, and guidance from educators and volunteers. We make sure our children are ready to learn by giving them the essentials of a safe and happy childhood, including modern dormitories, great food, toys and games, and lots of love.

Shanti Bhavan Model

  • High Quality Education
  • Essentials of a Safe & Happy Education
  • Humanitarian Values
  • Social Skills
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Guidance Beyond Shanti Bhavan

Our Work is Global

Shanti Bhavan is a global team of educators, advisors, professionals, and volunteers united by Shanti Bhavan’s mission of ending poverty. In India, our teachers, faculty, caregivers, and administrators oversee operation of the Shanti Bhavan Residential School. In the United States and abroad, the Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project manages fundraising, partnerships, sponsorships, overseas education, and special projects. Our chapters in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Italy fundraise in their respective countries.

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Our Strength is Our Team

The team at Shanti Bhavan is committed to creating change and breaking the cycle of poverty. They give tirelessly of their time, working around the clock and around the globe to provide our children with their best opportunities in life.

Our Team

Our Partners are Essential

We are proud to share our mission with many corporate and nonprofit partners from around the world. These companies and organizations help strengthen the commitment to giving our children the best opportunities through new classroom technology, mentorship programs, and exposure to new people and ideas.

Our Partners

Our Success Depends on You

Shanti Bhavan is funded by individual and corporate donors. Your donation helps lift a child out of generational poverty, attain a quality education, and go on to a career that supports their family and community.

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