Grade School

Shanti Bhavan provides its students with the foundation of their education, from prekindergarten to 12th grade.


Our alumni pursue their dreams at top colleges in India and around the world.


College graduates enter careers with top companies. They make more in their first five years of work than their parents have their whole lives.


Working graduates uplift others from poverty by helping to pay off their family's generational debt, ensuring that younger siblings get great educations, and becoming leaders in their communities.

Shanti Bhavan Reaches Beyond Our Students

Shanti Bhavan graduates bring themselves out of poverty and carry hundreds of others with them. From day one, Shanti Bhavan instills in them the importance of fighting against social discrimination and poverty. Shanti Bhavan children uplift their communities by paying off generational debt, funding education opportunities for younger brothers and sisters, and serving as leaders of positive change in their communities.

auntie and four children in front of shanti bhavan

Make an Impact

Donating today supports Shanti Bhavan children in breaking the cycle of poverty. We accept donations from nearly everywhere in the world.