Sponsor a Child

Two Ways to Help

It takes just over $5 a day to transform a life. For $179 per month, or $2148 per year, you can sponsor a child at Shanti Bhavan. And if you are in Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia, there are tax-deductible options in your local currency!

US Monthly Sponsor – $179 USD  US Annual Sponsor – $2148 USD

CAN Monthly Sponsor – $243 CAD  CAN Annual Sponsor – $2921 CAD

UK Monthly Sponsor – £141 GBP  UK Annual Sponsor – £1697 GBP

AUS Monthly Sponsor – $267 AUD  AUS Annual Sponsor – $3201 AUD

Sponsorship FAQs

Sponsors are provided with individualized updates on one Shanti Bhavan child for the duration of their sponsorship. Sponsors receive three updates each year, in addition to an initial introductory update sent at the start of a sponsorship. These updates might include photos, videos, letters, or drawings from the children, and more! These updates help you keep up with how your sponsored student is learning and growing.

The cost of sponsorship increases yearly to account for inflation and other cost-of-living changes. However, we honor the sponsorship cost from sign-up date—as long as your sponsorship continues uninterrupted. Of course, if you are able and willing to increase your gift to cover these expenses, we are truly grateful.

For a monthly sponsorship, you will see a monthly charge against the credit card you use to make the initial gift. This transaction will happen automatically and you do not need to remember to renew each month. For annual sponsorships, payment is made in full once per year. We will remind you before your renewal date and you can decide if you are willing and able to continue the sponsorship for another year. Monthly and annual sponsorships are identical in terms of updates received throughout the year.

You can sponsor a child using the buttons on this page, but your donation expense will be processed in USD and will not be tax-deductible in India. Please email us at [email protected] to arrange a sponsorship that is also tax-deductible in India.

Our policy does not allow sponsors to correspond directly with their sponsored children. We definitely understand the desire to connect on a more personal level with the kids, however, we maintain this policy to ensure the privacy of our children, and for the sake of fairness to all of the children.

Sponsors are allowed to send special treats to their sponsored child’s class. We do this so that all children feel included and no child feels left out based on sponsorship status.  Please contact us at [email protected] to arrange a gift and receive the necessary shipping address.

Invest in a Better India

“I would like to see these young children grow up and one day change the world around them. There are many worthy causes, but Shanti Bhavan is unique because of its long-term focus on the individual child. It is an investment for a better India.” – Animon Jose, Shanti Bhavan sponsor

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