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The extracurricular activities at Shanti Bhavan create a lively and vibrant campus. Alongside academics, these activities stimulate and enrich the students while they delve into the arts, humanities, STEM, sports, and more. The children stretch their abilities and broaden their interests as they connect with their peers, all while developing their creative minds.

The Arts

Fine arts, performing arts, and music are some of the most popular extracurricular activities at Shanti Bhavan. Students from all grade levels have the opportunity to learn a variety of Indian regional dances, including Bharatanatyam and Kolatum. They channel their creativity while showcasing India’s culture, especially in the Onam and Diwali celebrations. Students then perform at various events, such as the Shanti Bhavan graduation celebration or the IGCC soccer tournaments.

Once a year, Shanti Bhavan partners with professional art counselors to facilitate an on-site arts camp led by a group of volunteers. In this bi-annual program, students work on film production, music composition, dance choreography, and visual arts.

Through collaboration with the organization Broadway for Arts Education, Shanti Bhavan’s extensive music program offers a DJ, songwriting, and music production club, along with about 1,200 hours of piano, recorder, and voice lessons for over 200 children. Shanti Bhavan’s competitive choir was even able to perform at Bangalore in 2016, demonstrating that the music opportunities extend far beyond campus. Often, students who graduate from the music program return to teach lessons. It’s a popular extracurricular at Shanti Bhavan; students use music to express themselves as the program offers healing and comfort.

Humanities & STEM

Extracurricular activities that focus on humanities allow students to develop essential skills before entering higher education and the workforce. For example, creative writing classes and podcast opportunities cultivate individuality. Debate and oration are prominent aspects of student life; on-site administrators select students to participate in weekly debate or public speaking events, ensuring that all students gain hands-on experience several times a year.

The extracurricular activities based in STEM create a modern learning environment for the students at Shanti Bhavan. Students interested in mechanics and robot construction join the Robotics team. In the Women in STEM club, young women who plan to pursue STEM career paths learn about innovators in their fields of study. Shanti Bhavan’s Go Green initiative fosters collaboration and conscientiousness as students support various eco-friendly programs on campus. For example, they visit the farm to harvest fruits and vegetables, support farm maintenance, and compost natural food waste. They also oversee the recycling program on campus. The STEM activities offered by Shanti Bhavan cultivate student growth and engagement.


Students engage in team-building at Shanti Bhavan through a variety of sports. Soccer, volleyball, and basketball are only a few of the many offered. Shanti Bhavan even has a Chess Club! And once a year, Shanti Bhavan hosts Field Day—an opportunity for the students to try different sports and cultural games such as Lagori. All of these activities provide an invaluable experience as they keep the children active and connected with each other.

Of all sports on campus, soccer is the most popular. Both Junior and Senior soccer teams participate in an annual Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) soccer tournament, where the proceeds support the Shanti Bhavan school. In 2020, they won the tournament against Bangalore’s youth teams. Two Shanti Bhavan alumnae, Lily and Rasiga, carry with them the Shanti Bhavan tradition of soccer excellence, with Rasiga suiting up for the state team and Lilly playing professionally.

Student Contributions

Upperclassmen collaborate with the administrators and staff in order to develop relevant and engaging extracurriculars. In particular, eleventh graders take on many such responsibilities. By creating agendas and communicating with the faculty, they help organize and plan all of the school festivals and events, such as Parents’ Day and traditional holiday celebrations, each year.

The Impact

Shanti Bhavan’s extracurricular activities are what makes the school a unique and welcoming haven for its students. The students truly explore their interests with boundless choices. By connecting and growing with their peers through these extracurricular activities, the students can face the world as well-rounded individuals.

Extracurricular activities - children playing