25 years of shanti bhavan

In 1997, Shanti Bhavan opened its doors to its first class of children. Many didn’t believe then that we would meet the ambitious goals we had set for ourselves. Twenty-five years later, our students have defied every expectation. Your belief in what our children are capable of has allowed them to walk the halls of premier universities, attend a prestigious Ph.D. program, join the teams of Fortune 500 companies, and most importantly, change the trajectory of their lives.

Our children’s achievements are your achievements.
For 25 years, you have given Shanti Bhavan’s children dignity.

In this silver anniversary year, we reflect not only on the past quarter-century but look ahead to what the future holds for Shanti Bhavan. We want to express our deep appreciation, while also inviting your greater involvement in Shanti Bhavan’s success.

To mark this monumental milestone,
we’ve created a special 25th Anniversary website.

Volunteer to host a celebratory event, learn more about our 2 million dollar fundraising goal for 2022, and glimpse the future of Shanti Bhavan!

Visit Our 25th Anniversary Website

The next 25 years start today. With your help, we will continue to offer the gift of education to deserving children, expand their opportunities for higher studies and work, and support their efforts to uplift their communities. Our work has only just begun. Thank you for making it possible!

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