Dear Friend,

As the year comes to a close, I wish to share the many successes Shanti Bhavan has had in 2023. 

Over the years, we have steadily raised the school’s academic standards from an initial 12th-grade board exam expectation of 75 percent to our current goal of 90 percent. While this can be challenging for a number of our students, our confidence in their abilities helps them believe in themselves and strive to achieve higher marks. We have also implemented improvements to our curriculum, staff, and campus to support the children in meeting these high standards. 

Clear evidence of our children’s all-around development beyond their academic achievements can be seen in their admissions to top universities in America, such as Dartmouth, Duke, Stanford, University of Chicago, and others. Those studying in India are admitted to Bangalore’s best, Christ University. Our college graduates are sought out by multinational companies such as Amazon, ExxonMobil, EY, Goldman Sachs, Google, JP Morgan, and many others. Our students consistently demonstrate their academic knowledge, leadership qualities, and humane values in all their pursuits. Without exception, all of them help uplift their families, and we hope they do the same in their lifetimes for others who are in need. 

Major infrastructure initiatives and renovations have been underway at Shanti Bhavan 1. An additional dorm to accommodate sixty more children has been built. Music and arts rooms adjoining a performance hall have been added. A therapy room has been created for those children who need counseling. Each of these improvements offers our children new opportunities to learn and mature in a positive and inspiring setting. 

We have also made significant progress in completing the first phase of Shanti Bhavan 2. This is one of the most exciting projects we’ve undertaken. Several buildings, including lower-grade dormitories, residences for the staff, and basic infrastructure such as wells, sewage, and electrical systems, have been completed. Hundreds of fruit and ornamental trees have been planted to create a serene and nurturing environment, making life enjoyable for our children. The second school will open its doors to sixty preschoolers and kindergarteners in July 2024. 

However, much work is still to be done for Shanti Bhavan 2. Construction must be completed, and new staff must be recruited. When the school opens, its operating costs must be met. In the near future, the second phase of development must be funded as we build upper-grade classrooms and dormitories. 

I seek your help in meeting the substantial financial demands of operating both campuses. 


Your involvement and support have made it possible for us to fulfill our mission for 26 years, and I am most grateful for your kindness. Shanti Bhavan is at a galvanizing stage of growth, and I assure you that together, we will continue to lift families from poverty for years to come. I hope you will again extend your generosity to this noble cause. 


Thank you, and best wishes for the holiday season,