Young students learning together - Dignity

At Shanti Bhavan, our mission is to give children born into generational poverty the opportunity to live a life of dignity and achievement.

Dignity is at the core of our work, embedded in every aspect of the Shanti Bhavan model. We empower students through rigorous academics, creative and collaborative extracurricular activities, and the promotion of globally shared values like compassion and honesty.

With dignity, our children gain the capacity to confront challenges and realize better lives for themselves and their families. The children of Shanti Bhavan are the future change-makers of India, and we are proud to invest in their success with the help of our global community of supporters.

To hear more about the role that dignity plays in shaping our program’s approach, check out this 2016 TEDx Talk featuring Shanti Bhavan Director of Operations, Ajit George.

“Beyond money and education, dignity is the intangible key to living a better, happier life. It’s an invaluable component for those trying to escape poverty, but it isn’t just something that some people need; it’s something we all need, and that we can all share.”  – Ajit George