graduates leaving for college

Exciting News! We’re very proud to announce that five of our recent graduates have been granted collage admissions on full scholarships to Babson, Brandeis, Dartmouth, Duke, Grinnell, Middlebury, Northwestern, Princeton, and Stanford, among several others.

This is a heart-warming moment for all of us. These successes affirm that Shanti Bhavan children can compete for the best programs in the world. It has validated our belief that children from the poorest families can do just as well as others if provided with an excellent education and proper upbringing. We can’t wait to see them shine brighter at these fantastic institutions.

We are so grateful to all of you for your support and encouragement. This is an accomplishment we can all share and take pride in. Thank you for supporting the dreams and future of Shanti Bhavan’s children.

college admissions