community relief fund

In 2020, the world changed for everyone. The COVID crisis affected us all, but among the most impacted were impoverished rural communities.

During this unprecedented time of need, the Shanti Bhavan community committed to assisting our neighbors: over 5,000 men, women, and children from the thirteen villages surrounding our campus. Thanks to your generous support, since April 2020 we have distributed:

  • 125,600 pounds of rice
  • 7,000 units of soap
  • 127,850 pounds of spices, and cooking oil
  • 1,000 cooking utensils made of steel

While we look forward to a COVID-free future, we cannot ignore the hardship the pandemic has caused on so many. Many families still struggle to access necessities such as food, medical care, and essential services. For many, Shanti Bhavan remains the only reliable source of aid.

On February 20th, Shanti Bhavan distributed, in addition to meal rations, 3,000 stainless steel plates and water tumblers to local families. These replace the dishware they currently use, which is in bad condition. We are trying to improve the quality of life of the poor and uplift their personal dignity.

With your help, Shanti Bhavan can continue to support its neighbors until conditions return to normal.

Thank you for continuing to believe in Shanti Bhavan and our mission to end the generational cycle of poverty.