Fourteen years ago, the Shanti Bhavan class of 2019 came to us as tiny preschoolers. Now, as exemplary young women and men, they are ready to go on to university and show the rest of the world just how special they are. In recognition of this momentous occasion, the new graduates enjoyed several fun-filled days of celebration with their friends, family, and all of Shanti Bhavan, culminating in a beautiful commencement ceremony.


Their families, along with Shanti Bhavan teachers, administrators, volunteers and supporters, are so proud of their accomplishments. This class of graduates devoted themselves to excellence in their studies while participating in sports, dance, drama and fine arts programs.

These empowered young people are the change-makers of their generation and the hope for their families and communities. Please join us in congratulating these extraordinary individuals as they begin their journey to university and on to exciting careers and promising futures.

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