Padma Lakshmi and children- Taste the Nation

The world-renown actress, model, chef, cookbook author, and host of Top Chef and Taste the Nation is also a tireless voice of social justice. Padma’s advocacy for positive and inclusive social change inspires us every day.

Padma has a longstanding relationship with Shanti Bhavan. While visiting campus, Padma instantly connected with our students. The young children loved speaking Tamil with her. Our older students benefited from her guidance and encouragement.

Padma attended both our 15th and 20th Anniversary Galas as guest of honor. She has also represented Shanti Bhavan during Cantor Fitzgerald’s Charity Day and continues to champion our efforts to build a second school. To honor her service to Shanti Bhavan, in 2018, we dedicated our dining hall to Padma on behalf of Adam Dell.

Whether through food, recipes, storytelling, or service, Padma always brings people together. We are so grateful for her friendship and wish her the very best as she launches her new series, Taste the Nation!