Daughters of Destiny receives television academy honors

We’re proud to announce that Shanti Bhavan has partnered with Glamour Magazine and She’s The First to feature the story of one of our amazing young ladies, Keerthi of the 8th grade!

Shanti Bhavan’s young women come from difficult backgrounds, but they prove that when cared for with dignity and attention, they succeed and will carry forward their families, their communities, and hundreds of other children with them. Educating girls changes the world for the better. Glamour Magazine’s “The Girl Project” chose our very own Keerthi to illuminate their message in the Get Schooled video series. As one of five young women chosen from around the world, Keerthi was filmed this April. We are proud to share her story with you.

Keerthi’s journey, like that of so many of our children, has been hard at times. But it proves that, given the opportunity, these and other young women can overcome tremendous obstacles. Please watch as Keerthi talks about her life, her family, the hardships she and her family have overcome, and how Shanti Bhavan is helping her achieve her dreams.