As the Communications and Administrative Manager for the Shanti Bhavan U.S. team, I don’t get to see and interact with the Shanti Bhavan children every day the way some of my colleagues do. But I’m lucky in a different way because I do talk daily to the donors and well-wishers who comprise our supportive community. It’s a responsibility I relish, as it connects me to our extended Shanti Bhavan family in a way nothing else could. I never have to look far for examples of kindness and compassion –  it is all around me. 

This brings me to Dayspring Pens

Not long ago, the team at Dayspring Pens reached out to me. They wanted to make a special donation – forty custom engraved pens to be used in whatever way we wish. It was an unusual request; we do sometimes receive in-kind gifts, but no one had ever offered something like this before. 

We loved the idea. What object better symbolizes the promise of education than a pen? It’s at once a tool for taking notes, an object of personal expression, and the implement that Edward Bulwer-Lytton declared “mightier than the sword.” And they are beautiful. 

Most importantly, Dayspring Pens shares our mission. In their own words:

“Dayspring Pens is proud to partner with Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project through a donation of 40 engraved pens. It is an honor to be able to donate to an organization that works so diligently to provide high-quality education to children of India’s lowest socioeconomic class.

Each of the engraved pens donated features the logo of Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project. It is our great wish that the pens will do some good to help this incredible charity as they work to redefine nonprofit education with a long-term approach that supports children in every facet of their lives.”

Thank you, Dayspring Pens! We couldn’t ask for better partners, and these pens will be cherished for years to come.