Two preschool children wearing red flowered dresses and smiling

This month, twenty-eight new preschoolers joined our campus. These cheerful, energetic kids are just starting their Shanti Bhavan journey. For them, every experience is new, exciting, and sometimes scary.

The first year at Shanti Bhavan is undoubtedly the most important. Hence, several members of our staff are responsible for the upbringing and adjustment to a new environment: teachers, caregivers, support staff, and volunteers. We are seeking donors to assist our efforts. Imagine the impact you make with your support of a child.

Sponsoring a child costs just $163 per month and provides everything they need to succeed: education, food, medical care, and housing.

Sponsor A Preschooler Now

When you sponsor a child as part of this campaign, you are paired with a Shanti Bhavan preschooler in need. You’ll receive an introductory biography of the child and updates throughout the school year on their progress and wellbeing. These updates include photographs, letters, videos, and drawings from the child.

A Sponsor Makes All the Difference

Shilpa, a Shanti Bhavan graduate, said it best: “I was always amazed that someone I had never met, who lived far away in another country, could care so much about me and my education. They inspired me to work harder and taught me what it meant to give back to others.”

Two preschool children wearing red flowered dresses and smiling

If you would consider sponsoring any Shanti Bhavan child, you can do so by using the button below.

Sponsor A Student

Thank you for your support of Shanti Bhavan and its children. Your generosity will transform lives.


Ajit George

Director of Operations