Student & Alumni Impact

Shanti Bhavan Students Pay It Forward

At Shanti Bhavan, the ethos of giving back is woven into the fabric of our model. From preschool, our students learn the importance of supporting themselves and those around them—be it family, friends, or the wider community. The culture of giving that starts within the walls of Shanti Bhavan flourishes into a lifelong commitment, as our students carry these values into every aspect of their lives.

Alumni in Action

Class of 2011


At the Asian Development Bank, Amrutha plays a pivotal role in advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, nurturing relationships with countries and banks, empowering local communities, engaging in inclusion initiatives, and crafting strategies for sustainable trade. The values of global stewardship and community upliftment, ingrained in her at Shanti Bhavan, are evident in her commitment to driving sustainable and equitable growth across Asia.

Class of 2013


Prem is making strides at The Nudge Institute, an organization committed to eradicating poverty in India. At the CSI division, he collaborates with various sectors, utilizing technology, capital, talent, and policy to create impactful solutions. This work reflects the values of social responsibility and collaborative problem-solving instilled in him at Shanti Bhavan, demonstrating how education and empathy can drive meaningful change in society.

Class of 2013


At Google, Vinceya champions diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensuring a workplace where all feel valued and empowered. Her role involves guiding Employee Resource Groups and leading initiatives like MARC (Men Advocating for Real Change) to foster allyship for women’s empowerment. These commitments reflect the core values instilled in her at Shanti Bhavan, where the importance of empathy, equality, and community support were emphasized, shaping her into a proactive advocate for positive change.

Current Students Making a Difference

Giving back isn’t just for our alumni; our current students are deeply involved in contributing to our community, too. They engage in activities ranging from tutoring and environmental initiatives to community support efforts, embodying the empathy and responsibility Shanti Bhavan instills from the start.

Shanti Bhavan Alumni Association

Through the Shanti Bhavan Alumni Association, which boasts 130 active members, our graduates build a robust network of support. Through committees like Social Causes, Events, and Careers, SBAA members collaborate on meaningful projects and career advancement, reinforcing the strong community ties established at Shanti Bhavan.

The Power of Giving Back


Class of 2010

“It gives me a motivation or reason bigger than myself. Changes have a ripple effect and all the small good things add up and change the society/community in a way that is not easy to see sometimes. It feels amazing to know that you have helped someone’s life even if it in a small way”


Class of 2018

“Volunteering is important because I can see how fortunate I have been to have gone to Shanti Bhavan. By volunteering, I can be the Shanti Bhavan that these children will never have. By imparting the knowledge I received, I’ll be leveling the playing field.”


Grade 10

“Volunteers coming together to achieve a common goal can make communities stronger, fostering a feeling of belonging and shared duty.”


Class of 2011

“The more I see, experience the world, and meet more people, the more I realize just how much Dr. George and Shanti Bhavan have changed my life. While I don’t think I will be able to do what Shanti Bhavan has done for me, I want to be able to do what I can.”

Mary Sheela

Class of 2019

“I have always wanted to give back. Even in school, I used to teach kids when I went back for holidays. I understand how much impact I can make in their lives. I have the weekends off so this gives me enough time to volunteer in schools.”


Grade 10

“By volunteering, I can learn to be a leader, understand others’ feelings, and better understand social problems.”