Ayesha Nazir

Canada Chapter Volunteer Chair
Ayesha Nazir, Volunteer Chair at Shanti Bhavan Canada

I joined Shanti Bhavan Canada in 2021 as the Volunteer Chair for the Shanti Bhavan Canada Chapter. I connect with new volunteers to direct them toward initiatives suited to their interests and skills. I believe in the moral imperative of all children deserving equal access to education in order to break the cycle of oppression.

I am a Guidance Counsellor with the Peel District School Board. I have been involved with a variety of social improvement initiatives such as the Student in Need Fund to ensure that all students have access to all learning opportunities, adopting an Indigenous School in Northern Ontario, providing meals and school supplies to women’s shelters, and running initiatives with the local Rotary Club. When I am not working, I am spending time with my friends and family, traveling, cooking, gardening, writing poetry, or reading. I also enjoy occasional Netflix time.