Kristina Johnson

Manager of Alumni Relations

I started working for Shani Bhavan in 2019 after volunteering as a teacher on campus for two months. Once I left campus at the end of my teaching tenure, I knew my life would never be the same. When I was approached to interview for this role, I took a leap of faith and went for it. And boy, I’m glad I did!

I work with Shanti Bhavan graduates that are now in college or are working professionals. I secure, plan, and oversee workshops and programs to develop our alumni. I provide career and higher studies support for our graduates. I help our US-based college students with anything they might need, such as moving into dorms, finding medical and dental care, and understanding work restrictions around their visas.

I measure success by the relationships I am able to build with young people and the meaningful growth I am able to help them achieve. If I can make just one child’s day better—whether helping them feel capable when balancing an equation or ensuring they feel cared for even when they’ve made a mistake—then my day has had purpose. It’s all about impact. 

One of my favorite memories from Shanti Bhavan was teaching the simple melody “Heart and Soul” to one of my 5th-grade students. At the time, he was a novice pianist and had never played a duet. He practiced his part of the song for a week. The night before I left campus, he was ready to play the song with me, and we did! When I returned to campus three years later, I was floored by his musical ability. He’s currently one of the school’s best piano players and plays the school song during Saturday assembly. 

Originally from Louisiana, this “ragin’ Cajun” now resides in Virginia! I live near the beach with my wonderful husband and our two pets, Bodhi and Utah (Point Break … if you know, you know). I’m a former math teacher. I hold a Master of Education degree and taught mathematics to grades 6 through 8 for a decade before coming to Shanti Bhavan in 2019.