Susan Chandy

Canada Chapter Chair of Marketing and Fundraising
Susan Chandy, Chair of Marketing and Fundraising, Shanti Bhavan Canada

As a member of the Shanti Bhavan Canada Chapter, I bring over 20 years of marketing, event planning and fundraising experience to the team. My passion and interest in equality, lifelong learning, kindness, and breaking down barriers through the power of accessible education motivates me daily in both my professional career as a professor at Centennial College, Toronto, and through my volunteer interests.

2018 provided an opportunity to be part of the on-campus volunteer teaching team at Shanti Bhavan Residential School in Baliganapalli, Tamil Nadu, and through the virtual teaching program in 2022. This transformative experience was a validation of my advocacy for breaking the cycles of generational poverty through the power of education. I am proud to be part of this inaugural Shanti Bhavan Canada Chapter and look forward to continuing the collaboration (with the team) to increase the presence, voice, purpose, and vision of Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project in Canada and abroad.

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