Dr. George walking outside with students
August 16, 2021 | Featured Posts, Information Center

The History and Growth of Shanti Bhavan

The George Foundation tackles various issues, including poverty, gender equality, health, freedom of the press, and lead poisoning prevention. However, the most notable accomplishment of The George Foundation is Shanti Bhavan.

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Young students learning together - Dignity July 14, 2020 | Featured Posts

Dignity – A TEDx Talk

At Shanti Bhavan, our mission is to give children born into generational poverty the opportunity to live a life of dignity and achievement.

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Padma Lakshmi and children- Taste the Nation June 28, 2020 | Newsletters

Padma Lakshmi’s New Hulu Show, Taste the Nation!

The world-renown actress, model, chef, cookbook author, and host of Top Chef and Taste the Nation is also a tireless voice of social justice. Padma’s advocacy for positive and inclusive social change inspires us every day.

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June 13, 2019 | General

Graduation 2019 – Children Of The Light

Fourteen years ago, the Shanti Bhavan class of 2019 came to us as tiny preschoolers. Now, as exemplary young women and men, they are ready to go on to university and show the rest of the world just how special they are.

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