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10 Days to GivingTuesday 2021!

November 20, 2021

We are ten days away from our largest online fundraiser of the year—GivingTuesday! 2021 was a challenging year as we weathered the second COVID wave in India, staffing shortages, and increased expenses due to keeping our campus operational year-round. However, thanks to you, we were also able to achieve tremendous milestones such as historic acceptances for our […]

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Padma Lakshmi on Selena + Chef

November 4, 2021

Our good friend Padma Lakshmi is featured on the HBO Max original series, Selena + Chef! She talks about Shanti Bhavan with Selena Gomez while also teaching her how to cook delicious Indian cuisine! Thank you Padma for always being Shanti Bhavan’s champion!  Check out episode 6 of Selena + Chef on HBO Max!

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COVID-19 Outreach Update

September 14, 2021

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Shanti Bhavan has supported the heavily impacted villages neighboring our campus. In total, we have provided over 78,000 kg of essential supplies to the people in our local communities. For most of these families, this is the only consistent relief they’ve received. In August, in addition to our regular distribution of food […]

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2021 Graduation Address by Founder of Shanti Bhavan

August 20, 2021

I welcome the graduating class of 2021, perhaps more popularly known as the COVID class (pause). You are a special group. You didn’t have a normal high school year. Unlike any other before, you lived through a pandemic and braved the isolation and the uncertainty it brought. Through it all, you exuded tenacity and resilience—qualities […]

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