Dr. George walking outside with students
August 16, 2021 | Featured Posts, Information Center

The History and Growth of Shanti Bhavan

The George Foundation tackles various issues, including poverty, gender equality, health, freedom of the press, and lead poisoning prevention. However, the most notable accomplishment of The George Foundation is Shanti Bhavan.

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December 28, 2022 | Featured Posts, Newsletters

25 Years in Review

We invite you to join us for the next 25 years so we can continue to empower the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children in India to rewrite their destinies. 

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Two preschool children wearing red flowered dresses and smiling September 8, 2022 | Newsletters

The Preschoolers Have Arrived

This month, twenty-eight new preschoolers joined our campus. These cheerful, energetic kids are just starting their Shanti Bhavan journey. For them, every experience is new, exciting, and sometimes scary.

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